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Reviews by our customers! Certifications For Life, Inc is dedicated to ensuring we deliver the best possible product we can. After our courses, we ask all participants to fill out a feedback form to let us know what they enjoyed and did not enjoy in their course. Below are some real and honest reviews about our customers' experience in our courses.

"Justin and Will set the bar at the level of complete confidence. They showed our group why it is important to continue to craft all your life saving skills. Passing CPR / First Aid without practice can lead to false confidence and serious legal and physical problems in an emergency. They really cared about the performance of their students. They spent extra time answering questions and reviewing techniques. I would like to work with them in my facility to improve safety and to maintain the quality of my staff. They did a great Job! Thank you!"
--J. Garafolo, CEO of CSCS Performance Inc., West Caldwell, New Jersey.

"Melissa has left quite an impression on our lifeguarding staff...her charisma and fun teaching techniques have made her our favorite instructor!"
--Black Bear Lake Day Camp, Millstone, New Jersey.

"I came to get learn life-saving techniques and Certifications For Life Inc. answered all of my questions and addressed all my concerns. The instructors came prepared to the class with great training equipment. The instructors were very knowledgable with the material presented. I would absolutely continue to take classes with this organization in the future and recommend this CPR training in the future." - Mariya E. (2/6/16)

"I contacted Certifications For Life after being a witness to an emergency situation. I was fortunate in that there was someone that came along that knew CPR and I watched a victim survive. However, I felt great fear wondering what I would have done had that professional not appeared. My daughter and I both felt the need to get training ASAP - even before she left to go back to college. We contacted CFL and within a week we had a team of 6 people through the training and the in-class training as well. The instruction was excellent and well presented and our class ranged from age 20 to 70. Really feel much more comfortable now - certainly not an expert but so much more aware and prepared." - N.F (1/13/16)

"I thought the course was very thorough and well taught. Red cross online learning had an issue with scenario questions not working. It would state the page is loading and never did. I took course from a desktop using google chrome." - Alexandra (11/20/15)

"Justin did a great job informing us about the responsibilities of holding this certification and helping us to master the techniques." - Alison (11/11/15)

"Very informative." - Christopher (11/11/15)

"The trainer was great; he answered all questions, and was very professional." - Vern (11/11/15)